Charlotte....Crossing Woodrow

Waiting for the light at Woodrow and Devine, I did a double take. My stars and garters, what a pair of knee socks. I had to catch up to the wearer, so I made a sharp turn, zoomed a block, and leapt (well, as much as I can leap these days) from my auto.
Charlotte was positively adorable head to toe with her striped shirt, alpine-esque legwear, zipper-pocketed skirt and zippered shoes. Then, be still my heart, she produced, yes, a Hello Kitty bicycle helmet. I am mad for Hello Kitty. I have no idea why.
Charlotte said socks (from Target) and helmet (from Walmart) were both children's department finds. "I'm actually a fan of the kids' section," she said. "Everything else was thrifted."

Charlotte told me that she, too, has a blog and understands the horror/thrill/emotional toll/etiquette quagmire of accosting innocent strangers to take their photographs. She makes some amusing observations and posts her cartoons (which delight me as much as her socks), so take a look.


Charlotte HM said…
It was very nice meeting you the other day! I really like your take on Columbia's street style!
Lord Maxwell said…
Thanks so much! Hope to see you again soon.

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