I'm still getting the hang of your American Thanksgivings, though any occasion to dress up and dine well is fine by me. This year, I was quite proud of myself when I said in Cherokee "bring me a turkey" (which sounds something like Dough-nuh-dah-Go-uh-nee, if you care to try it). Unfortunately, no turkey materialized at the table; I had to go through the buffet line like everyone else.

There, to my delight, between the squash casserole and the rice pilaf, I bumped into Peg. The sight of her sparkling eyes and darling smile filled me with gratitude. I had not seen Peg for some months and she was lovely as ever--warm, vivacious, and of course, well-dressed. After dessert, she permitted me a photo but she insisted.....

...that she must first find a little lipstick. That rascal Mr. Peg urged me to capture her in action, so I did. I include the picture here as proof that Peg is stylish from every angle.


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