Carol....Long Cardigan

Carol seemed to be weighing her options: should she smile?.... or clonk me on the head and run for her her life? Is it possible that someone who resembles me is featured on a wanted poster in the nearby Trenholm Plaza post office? Could she have been unnerved when I followed her into and out of Starbucks without purchasing so much as a cafemochacremawhattalatte?

"It's the sweater," I said, sounding perhaps a little desperate. She looked round at her handsome companion, worry on her brow. He did not quickdraw a sidearm. Instead, he offered to hold her coffee.

And it was the that flatters the wearer yet keeps all the cozy blanket qualities that the best sweaters possess. Carol told me she has a couple of long sweaters, in fact, and that she often prefers wearing them instead of jackets.


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