Brassieres & Bow Ties....Crafty Feast

Ah, the human imagination.....'tis a wonderful thing, well celebrated yesterday at Crafty Feast.  Above you see what I take to be a modern interpretation of the breastplate, a chainmail brassiere of sorts to protect, as they say, "the girls". The craftsperson behind this work uses bicycle parts as her material, so it is in fact chainmail made of bicycle chains.  Brilliant! Do let me know if you see anyone sporting this about town!
Thinking a metal brassiere might not quite suit an old gent, I opted for a handmade bow tie from local designer Titanic Alley.  You may be aware that I'm a bit of an enthusiast for the label. Seems I'm not alone. By the time I'd arrived at their booth, they'd already sold quite a few.
Here, two handsome men sporting the ties....Paul at left, whose taste I quite admire....and Russell on the right, the chap behind Titanic Alley.


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