Jeffrey....The Ultimate Accessory

Given the gentleman's choice of belt and eyewear, you might peg him for an accessory fiend, and indeed, he confessed as much. The scion of a Manning, South Carolina, automobile dealership family, Jeffery rather naturally believes that the car is the ultimate accessory, and that the Bentley is the ultimate of ultimates. (Or should one say the ne plus plus ultra?)

I was, of course, too young and too poor to be one of the famed "Bentley Boys." But, oh, how I admired their style--especially that of the dashing and tragic Clive Dunfee, who raced cars and married the glorious actress Jane Baxter. What a brief but thrilling life was his.

Meanwhile, Manning, you may recall, is the home of a man who briefly popularized another thrilling fashion item....the family reunion t-shirt.


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