Maxi Dresses & Dandies.....Here and There

I've noticed that more and more female travelers seem to favor the maxi dress--which is sensible, I suppose--but not always stylish.  I thought this woman, however, was wearing the long length with loads of style and making it seem effortless, at that. I spied her on Columbia's Main Street last Saturday.

I am indeed traveling at the moment and ran across the item below in an Air France magazine.  My French brain was disengaged--and on first read,  I believed it to be an article about gout becoming fashionable.
Then, I realized it was referencing taste....and that the article was championing an exhibit at the Rhode Island School of Design about my favorite fashion archetype, the dandy.

Bon voyage, long-skirted ladies and dandily-dressed gents! I do hope you retrieve your luggage more speedily than I have.  For yes, I am wearing the same outfit for a third day and doing my part to launch senior citizen grunge.  Dare I say, it is a look.  Perhaps not one you care to adopt, but nevertheless.....


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