Thanksgiving Traveler....Columbia Airport

I arrived at the Columbia Airport on Thanksgiving Day, returning from a quick jaunt south of the border.  While waiting for my trunk, I admired this woman's combination--a lush, furry coat and over-the-knee suede boots--finding it to be a most appealing travel costume. 
Yes, dear reader, while you were roasting your native bird and such, I was returning from a brief research mission to Mexico. Among my fascinating discoveries were these bar stools at my hotel's tequila bar--actual Western-style saddles. You might find the horn very useful if you are tempted to over-sample the local spirits. Do I say this from experience? Or perhaps from observation?
Back home in time to enjoy a delicious turkey dinner provided by a thoughtful friend, I ventured out for a walk later to offset my intake and discovered that there may indeed be royalty in the neighborhood--a rather British notion on an all-American day.


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