Traveling Feet....Here, There, Everywhere

Work has required more than a bit of travel lately, and I've found myself in a bit of quandary when it comes to footwear. Do I choose style over comfort, as is my wont? Or do I show my poor feet a bit of mercy? I found myself looking at others' shoes in an effort to refine my approach. Above, you see a pair of charming yet sensible shoes that I spied trodding upon the Ponte Vecchio in Florence.
And here, a rather smart pair of two-toned brogues, worn by a gentleman on an airport shuttle in Philadelphia.
Indeed, the sneaker has been a standby for many an American traveler, and though I've shunned them in days gone by, I may have to reconsider. Above, you see a woman (who happens to live in Columbia!) riding the water taxi in Baltimore; I notice she'd smartened hers by pairing them with a blazer and snappy green phone cover.
And here, a young man from the Ukraine, napping on our train trip across Italy, looking rather fresh with his Addidas striped tennies.

I also encountered an American gentleman (and South Carolina resident) who'd toured three countries--Italy, Kenya, and the United Arab Emirates--crediting his complete comfort to his shoes, a brand called Keen. He also swore that no matter where he went, people stared at his shoes, as if they were the oddest footwear they'd ever seen.


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