Joe....Mills Courthouse

I was gazing out the window, trying to pin down the spot in Camden where Andrew Jackson was once imprisoned, when I was startled by a deep voice: "Pardon me, sir, but I believe you know my wife." Dear reader, many a duel has begun with a line such as this, and I took no comfort when I reeled around and encountered a fit, handsome man uttering it.

"Indeed?" I responded, hoping my voice wouldn't crack. And indeed, it turned out that Joe is married to my darling friend May. May had often mentioned a husband, but since I'd never met the chap, I had begun to suspect that he was a fiction, concocted by pretty May to keep old men such as me at arm's length.
I did like Joe's vivid yellow tie very much, and if you'll look just to the left of his iced tea, you'll see that it's the same yellow as May's distinctive rubberized watch.


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