Ashley....Almost Taking Flight

Darling, petite Ashley and I were chatting about bicycles, barbecue and how important it is to have elastic in one's clothing on these windy days when a strong breeze swept in.....
 ....and instinctively, Ashley assumed the hand positions of The Flying Nun.  Perhaps the swirling pattern on her blouse was an omen.  Thank goodness she did not have on that flying nun hat, though, or we might still be chasing her down Millwood Avenue.


Anonymous said…
Bea-u-timus, but I was hoping for a better picture of the bike!!

Is that a Brisket in that Basket?

Lord Maxwell, it was a pleasure to meet your acquaintance.
Lord Maxwell said…
Dear Anonymous-
I'm sure it was a pleasure to meet you. My goodness, I'd much rather photograph a lovely young woman than a silly old bicycle, though I appreciate your interest in bicycles for they are a passion of mine,as well!
Perhaps you'd enjoy this:


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