Partygoers....Holly Hedge

As soon as I arrived at Holly Hedge, a lovely estate in Camden, I happened upon Tasa, who was wearing this wonderful long striped taffeta skirt. I always admire this woman's style--elegant and unfussy--and she was perfectly attired for this outdoor cocktail party, followed by dinner in a spacious hall on the grounds.

Tasa is married to my old friend Reid, who was sporting a festive straw topper.....and who was, of course, exhorting me about something, I know not what....oh yes, that the American court system should replace its gavels with hatchets, I believe. Mentioned a chap named Daniel Boone. But let's move on...
Katie was the picture of a lady.....
....while Lester had on an amusing flamingo tie. I asked him if he happened to be from Florida, but no, he hails from Athens, Georgia.
I next complimented this woman on her lovely top and asked if she hailed from Asia. She reached up and whisked my sunglasses from my face. Then, in the fading light, I was able to discern that I was speaking to my friend Harriet. I confess, I blushed.
While my eyesight might have failed me then, I could readily see that Holly Hedge is a lovely and fascinating property. I was later told it had been home to the inventor of Jello, though I am still trying to confirm that. If you have information, do let me know!


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