Pops of Colour....Oslo

I had an afternoon to explore before I launch into my work here in Norway. While my neighbors back home in South Carolina were enjoying gorgeous warm weather, it was a mostly grey Sunday here in Oslo. The day was unexpectedly brightened, however, by the pops of colour the dear Norwegian people were sporting as they strolled about town.  From the National Theater, above....
 ...to a bus stop along Oslo's excellent public transportation system....
 ...to the roof of the Opera House, which you're invited to walk all over. It's spectacular....
 ...and as it happens, the perfect backdrop for this colour-popping that was going on everywhere.  It seems Southerners in the United Sates are not the only people who appreciate the charm of colour!
Tourists were doing it, sporting colour-popping trousers at the city's ancient fortress, a structure saddled with a name I dare not pronounce--the Akershus.
Young lovers were doing it, at the waterfront....or Aksershusstranda, as it says on my map.  I liked how the stripe on her rain boots matched her jacket.
 Shoppers were popping in the city's center.
And so were the young set over on Karl Johans Gate.  I do hope that dear girl was not planning to skateboard down the roof of the opera house.  I understand that fearless Norwegian youth snowboard there in winter, so I surmise it is a possibility.
Here is a young woman popping a pair of vivid green Chuck Taylor's--footwear that represents two trends I noticed. Indeed, I must do some research to back it up, but I believe that Chucks could make a claim to being the official footwear of Norway.


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