Easter Bonnet Dress....Tapp's Arts Center

I discovered this fascinating ensemble on display at a recent art show.  It took me more than a moment to put it all together.....
 ...for the entire thing was made of baseball caps.  You get the idea in these closer shots of the details--the bills above and the logos below.
It seemed a rather perfect dress to mark Easter, a holiday in which colourful dresses and showy hats have been part of the celebration. Though, truly, when I imagine the story behind this ensemble, I find myself not thinking of Easter bonnets but conjuring up a woman abandoned by a man with a rather obnoxious hat collection.  In my imagination, that woman takes her revenge by slashing and refashioning the caps.
Though I know nothing about the creator(s) of this work or their story, I did find this tag. Perhaps the true story is even better than my fiction!


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