Vivid Yellow & Ginkgos....Edisto Avenue

Ah, a bit of sunshine on a dreary autumn day. Just what I was in need of dear reader, for I'm beset by an illness I'd like to think beneath me--the common cold. With my snuffles and raspings, I find that no one will allow me within ten yards, making it rather difficult to inquire about their attire. So on a short walk this past weekend, an attempt to regain my strength, I instead captured a few photos of this scintillating display of colour. It appears that Edisto Avenue has a preponderance of ginkgo trees.

This young fellow seemed to share my enthusiasm, his little arms stretched wide with joy as he prepares to fall face first into a ginkgo-covered embankment. (That is, indeed, a small boy wearing a red romper, is it not? I do fear my eyes may be as congested as my nasal passages, for at first I thought him to be a fire hydrant.)

The glorious fan-shaped ginkgo, you may well know, has inspired design through the ages and is part of Japanese family crests and a feature in art noveau works. I'm fond of this ginkgo fabric from Marimekko.
Ginkgos (not unlike this fashion anthropologist) are considered to be living fossils and, I understand, their leaves are useful as an herb to treat eye problems. I have cast my lot with a different cure--cold toddies--bourbon, lemon and honey well-shaken with an ample scoop of ice. (At least this once, the remedy is not worse than the disease.)

As for the large number of ginkgo trees on Edisto, does anyone happen to know if that is by coincidence or design?


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