Shanika....Recovering Nicely

When last I saw Shanika, she was wearing a rather large knee brace. Today, I was delighted to bump into her and discover that she has replaced the knee brace with over-the-knee boots. Not only are these fringed boots a marvel, but they also indicate that the lovely woman (who had been training for a marathon, she tells me) is on the mend--and is even running again.
(After randomly swiping at keys on this baffling computer, I've somehow managed to provide you with a before and after, above.) Always eager to hear about running footwear, I asked, "My dear, by chance, do you run in these very boots?" No, she said, she's a fan of those odd little foot gloves. "I really can't run in anything else," she told me--which is something I've heard from others who are regular wearers of those "shoes." My goodness.


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