Miss Springmaid....Columbia Museum of Art

This attractive young woman would have made Col. Elliott White Springs happy, I dare to venture. Not only was she shapely, but she was also wearing a body-baring ensemble that featured his work. The fabric is covered with images from his rather risque ad campaigns for Springmaid.
The "prince of peek-a-boo advertising" and his naughty ads were the topic of the Columbia Design League's cocktail party/educational program at the museum on Friday night.  We were privileged to view a delightful documentary produced by SCETV...
 ....which included many anything-but-subtle illustrations, such as the one you see above.  I intend to seek out a copy of Springs's book Clothes Make the Man, which I understand was printed in Clinton, S.C., by an old acquaintance of mine.  (I know I will like the book for the title, if for no other reason.)

Springs's antics (and Hawaiian shirts) delighted many in the audience--and, no doubt, offended some. After the film, a panel discussed the ads and the question of taste. (For the record, I object to good taste whenever it's the impetus for dull fashion.) One natty fellow wondered if we'd one day be discussing American Apparel ads in the same way. If you care to comment, I'd be curious to know what you think.

The show-stealers, for me, were the former Miss Springmaids....
The women not only attended the event, but also told their stories to the audience and signed autographs.
I do enjoy my membership in the Columbia Design League--and thank them for putting together an entertaining evening!


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