Heather....Happy New Year

I'd heard there might be a little holiday get together on Main Street last night, so I ventured out--and was rewarded by an encounter with this adorable woman.  Heather's look put me in mind of the 1920s, a wonderful decade to recall when one is in the mood to kick up one's heels.  Her dress, she told me, she nabbed at Revente's Last Call for a scandalous $25. Her shoes are Dolce & Gabbana from Coplon's--but she assured me she waited to purchase them on sale--which made me think this young lady, while as lovely as Zelda Fitzgerald, might be be a jot more practical.


Heather said…
I was so pleased to meet you, Lord Maxwell. I'll be looking for you at all of the other Famously Hot events in Columbia this year!
Lord Maxwell said…
Darling Heather--
The pleasure of making the acquaintance was all mine! I must say all this talk about hotness by a pretty young thing is causing this old chap's blood pressure to elevate. Perhaps, like my new fitness regime, I should engage in notoriously sizzling events under a doctor's supervision!
Cheers to you dear!

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