Kathryn....Great Smoky Mountains

Even deep in the mountains (miles and miles from a gas station, I might add...but that is another story), I encountered a woman with charming style! Kathryn seemed perfectly attired for our little escapade, an outing to "hunt" for ramps.  I dressed in my shooting breeks and was prepared to take aim at the the elusive devils, only to discover that a ramp is an onion-like weed that pops up from the ground in April in higher elevations.

After I'd dug for my dinner under the direction of my able guide, Allan Benton, I enjoyed it with a lively crew that included beautiful Kathryn.  She's holding a bunch of cleaned ramps in her left hand, and they make the perfect accessory for her vivid-pink-plaid-shirt-and-overalls ensemble, no?  We were lucky to have Kathryn's talented husband, chef Joseph Lenn, convert the ramps into a delicious meal creek side.  Indeed, I do not know when I've had a lovelier day or lovelier company. 


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