Stanford....Art Bar

What a delight to make this gentleman's acquaintance and do take a look at this getup. Stanford (a.k.a. The Reverend Stanley Gardner) told me he found his hat at a flea market. Upon closer inspection, I discovered the hat was a hard, molded plastic.

He was also wearing a snap-front shirt with other Western details, not because he dresses this way every day, but because he was master of ceremonies for an evening of country music at Art Bar. I was laughing so heartily at his witty ditties (country songs of his own creation, I might add) that I nearly missed these...

Stan and his boots were later joined on stage by a number of striking women, all clad in country music attire that covered the range from prim dresses to the blond-and-bodacious look that I understand some woman named Dolly has made famous. What fun!


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