Melissa....Springdale Hall

Bloody Marys, singing, champagne, and lots of toasting: this table seemed unusually jolly for a Thursday lunch, even when one takes into account that my old friend Reid was a member of the party. Turns out it was a party--of the birthday variety--for the pretty young woman in the pale purple blouse.
I waited as they blew out candles, opened gifts, and lifted their glasses for yet another toast, for I wanted to take a photograph of Melissa's entire ensemble. It was a wonderful mix, a perfect balance of pattern and detail, of wildness and restraint.
With a leopard print pencil skirt, she'd donned these argyle peep-toe pumps....
....and a pretty blouse trimmed out with pleated ruffles that managed to be exuberant without going overboard. I do hope she continues to have an exuberant birthday celebration and encourage her to go overboard if she has the chance. And I believe she just might; Melissa tells me she's making it a week-long event!


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