Ann, Mr. Higgs....The Big Apple

I liked the way Ann was wearing subdued colours and carrying this large, shiny red bag, and also how just a bit of her striped shirt peeked out at the bottom edge of her jacket. Something about her style communicated confidence, I thought. I spied her at an exhibition of photographs by Jimmy Higgs. That's the photographer, below.
Mr. Higgs had created a series of wonderful abstract images by photographing bits of highways and sidewalks very close up. He told me he got the idea while running and had taken hundreds of photos since. I was delighted by the cleverness of it, and found every image intriguing. I was also rather taken by the way he'd chosen to display his works, on easels he had designed and constructed himself.


ReFashionista said…
Both Ann and the show were awesome! :)
Lord Maxwell said…
Dear, I could not agree more.

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