Trim Suit....S.C. Book Festival

My companion at the opening reception for the S.C. Book Festival was rather taken by this man and his slim-fitting suit. She urged me to snap the handsome chap's photo (and as a bonus, I inadvertently captured the woman to his right in the entrancing floor-length floral number).
My charming date (in the black dress) played it cool as she insisted I take this photo and the one below. The woman in the striking blue dress, it turned out, was the well-suited man's pretty wife.
And here's one more angle of the fellow, who I later learned has been photographed for the cover of one of the books featured at the festival.  The entire gathering has been a delight thus far, and I've met a charming writer of children's books--Kami Kinard--who hails from Camden, I believe. I also chatted with another Camden-connected writer, the nephew of my dear friend Reid, the always-funny Christopher Buckley.  Perhaps, I will see you there today or tomorrow?  Do wear something interesting, for I'd love to take a photo!


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