Jonathan & Katie....Hampton Street

I admit it, sometimes my imagination bolts out of the barn before I can slip a harness on it. And so it was today when I spied this pair strolling downtown. Perhaps it was the headgear, but I fancied the two had just married at City Hall. Not wanting to be impertinent, I ventured this: "My, I do admire your toppers. Is there a special occasion?" Then I waggled my eyebrows.

No, the two assured me, they usually dress like this. In fact, they seemed a little perplexed that I'd noticed anything about them at all.
Delightful! And so modest! Her little headpiece, she told me is "a feathered net thing," something she'd found not made. And his hat? He removed it to show me as he explained that it's "a Scottish tartan hat, straight off the boat." Of course I thought that was splendid.


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