Ricardo....On Summer Style

Not only has Mexico given the galaxy Miss Universe, but it has also provided our fair city with charming Ricardo, a graduate student* in the international business program at the university. I enjoyed hearing his views on fashion--his ruminations, for instance, on American men's fondness for baggy pants while European men wear a much slimmer cut. Meanwhile, I was noting his ensemble, particularly the skinny cuff of his Bermudas. Quite put together for a summer evening.

Ricardo and I met at a gathering hosted by The Shop Tart, where we sipped a most unusual punch. Though I'm not ready to replace my usual - an Old Fashioned - with it, I did find it utterly delicious.

*PS and pardon me!: Ricardo clarified that he is a graduate of the university (so no longer a graduate student) and now handles international business development for a renewable energy company here in town. Even better, I say!


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