Late January.... Anthropologie

Take a glance to your right at the number of posts I've managed in 2015 and you'll quickly divine how well I'm progressing with my New Year's resolution: Post to blog every day. On this last week of January, thank heavens for these lovely young women--and photographer Molly Harrell who provided these images. Perhaps I might get on track before 2016.

Summer, pictured above, is a display manager for Anthropologie and a Savannah College of Art and Design graduate, or as I discovered one could say (rather jauntily), a "SCAD grad." 
These women are all at work, at the newish Anthropologie store in Trenholm Plaza. I recognize Whitney, the young lady above, who I'm certain I've photographed myself.
And here's a third young woman, Katie, wearing clothes from the shop I assume.  I'm rather fond of the way they put things together there, the windows in particular. I understand that Katie is responsible for the pretty home department at the store.


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