Najee....Blue Marlin

I met this charming fellow during a luncheon at Blue Marlin, hosted by Carolina Blogging. He writes Tres Frais Najee where he's documented, among other things, his recent trip to attend New York Fashion Week. He also works for a striking-looking magazine called Vent. On this day, Najee was wearing a dapper grey bow tie paired with a bold plaid shirt: "I do wear bow ties a lot," he told me.

He also introduced me to a new (to me) concept, his Infinity Scarf.

It's a giant tube of jersey that provides the wearer with near-endless possibilities. It could, for example, become a dress, a skirt, a turban....perhaps with a few bamboo poles and bungee cords added, it could even do duty as some sort of pup tent or giant slingshot. How useful! Najee's scarf (also called a circle scarf, though I find that term much less thrilling than "infinity") is from American Apparel.


najee said…
This I love.
Merci Monsieur Maxwell.
Lord Maxwell said…
My great pleasure, sir. I am quite impressed by what I've seen from your magazine "Vent."
The Shop Tart said…
Great to see you the other day! By the way, there is a local designer who makes a different sort of infinity scarf - she owns Pack Rats and sells them there and they rock!
That Teowonna! said…
I'm so not a fashion buff, but I can see the possibilities in the Infinity Scarf. I MUST have one!
Lord Maxwell said…
Thank you, Shop Tart. I had forgotten about that charming shop!

Dear Teowonna, I, too,find myself mulling the infinity scarf...and wonder if one might make one by snipping the neck and sleeves out of a t-shirt.

Charming to see you both!

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