Farmers' Market Style....Columbia

Part of the charm of farmers' market fashion, I find, is that anything goes--and that a bouquet of fresh flowers and an armful of produce make the best accessories. I thought these young women were adorable, sporting exercise togs, large sunglasses, and glorious smiles! They told me their names--and that they were also taking photos for their blogs--but my poor old age-addled brain can't retrieve that data. I do hope they see this and provide the information again!

Meanwhile, do take a look at this attractive image of a mother carrying her child in a most traditional way--using a wraparound sling.

I rather like the look--and the versatility--imagining that one could be the guest of honor, say, at an impromptu picnic if one were to use this instead of some strap-and-buckle baby backpack. (Though if one were to use the wrap as a picnic blanket, one would have to make other provisions for the baby I suppose. oh well.) Here's a another look that shows a bit more from the side.

In my travels, I've seen parents using these in many countries, though I've never had the opportunity to try one myself. Have you? If so, how did you find it?


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