Jai....Lincoln Street

What a treat for me to meet Jai, since I was a fan even before becoming acquainted. I've been following Jai's blog--The Fat and Skinny on Fashion. Dear reader, she crackles and pops on the (web) page and positively sparkles in person.

Her friend Najee (of infinity scarf fame) couldn't merely stand by and observe. His inner stylist leapt out and directed him to act: denim trousers shall be cuffed!

As Najee pointed out, Jai was sporting several trends--nautical, military, clogs. "I try not to be too trendy," Jai said, protesting. Indeed, I think she is perfectly adorable. Her jeans are Gap's 1969 "long and lean" cut.

Her clogs are from Charlotte Russe. And her approach to dressing herself is all common sense: "I put on what's clean, cute, and fits."


Thanks for featuring me. It was a fun experience.
Lord Maxwell said…
Dear, I should thank you! Looking forward to seeing you again

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