Anne....The Shop Tart

I am a fan of The Shop Tart. Often, when she blogs about what she is wearing, I long to rush out and see it. But one must be nimble to keep up with this busy woman, who seems always to be off to her next fabu wine tasting before I can clip on my sock garters and find my keys.

So yesterday, I took a bit of a risk. On Twitter, The Shop Tart reported: "today I'm rocking my dressy college look." I boldly Tweeted back that I'd like a photo of the ensemble. And the darling woman obliged!

Her son Xander took the pictures, and (one would expect no less) Anne provided the details: "sweater and tights from VanJean, skirt by Rodarte for Target, leather cuff bracelet from Hayden-Harnett, gold bangle from Carol Saunders years ago, ring is vintage, shoes are Italian brogues."
She also wrote, "including a shoe detail, because that's how I roll." And do look at these shoes, will you? Clever, I think, how she uses weighty wingtips to anchor her ballerina-esque skirt.


The Shop Tart said…
I am famous! Thank you so much for including me!
Lord Maxwell said…
Thank you! Can't wait to feature you again....
kbfenner said…
Beats the Sartorialist and all those weird flood pants they feature.

Shop Tart is so glam!
Anne said…

Trend whore that I am, I tried to love the flood pants. I almost managed, one time with heels of course, but...ugh.

Tracie Broom said…
Such a treat to meet you at Harriett's party, Maxwell! (How fabulous was the golf cart trailer caroling performance?) Love your blog. See you round the town!

Oh and I so covet Anne's sweater in this post. Up close it is even better -- the softest, nicest cable knit sweatery business. Clinch!
Lord Maxwell said…
Dear Ms. Broom, the treat was all mine indeed (for as I confessed, I am a fan of your blog--and that was BEFORE I realized how stylish you are).
The golf cart carolers were quite the thing!

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