Delta Lyn....Olive Branch

Dear reader, I had set out for Olive Branch, Mississippi. But when I saw this gentleman, I feared I'd made a wrong turn. Was this, in fact, Olive, Texas? Ms. Delta Lyn, a friendly local, set me straight. "This is a Texas steakhouse, hon, but you are dang sure in Olive Branch, em-ess," she said, or something to that effect. Fearing that I was disappointed by this news, she then offered to strike a "Texas" pose for me....
What brings me to Olive Branch, you may not be wondering. I shall tell you nevertheless. I am here to address the local gentlemen's club. My lecture is entitled From fig leaf to olive branch: modesty and mayhem à la mode. I was just explaining this to my new acquaintance outside this popular restaurant when the hostess beckoned me to my table. A lucky break, I suspect. Otherwise I fear Ms. D.L. might have spun up a bit more immodest mayhem than my poor old ticker could endure!


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