Easter Bunnies....Natural Habitat

These adorable young women were wearing pink bunny ears as they worked at Soda City market on Main Street.  I tried to be discreet about snapping a few photographs. As you can see, I was discovered.
If, this Easter morning, you are wondering what to wear with your bunny ears, might I suggest a coral skirt and pale blue t-shirt such as you see here. Kaitlin looks quite pretty, no?  I also love the shadows they're casting.
Of course, don bunny ears, and you'll encounter more than one merry-making prankster. Photographer Molly Harrell (right) seemed compelled to add rabbit ears of her own to dear Katie's. Perhaps, for me, it's bunny karma. I do believe I spoiled (or perhaps improved, who's to say?) a Time magazine photograph of Margaret Thatcher once by doing the very same thing.  To be perfectly clear, the former prime minister was also wearing Easter bunny ears. How, indeed, was I to resist?


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