Soda Jerk....Soda City

The sight of this jaunty fellow (along with an invigorating glass of his handcrafted honey basil soda) inspired me to get back to my work, which I confess I have neglected these last few weeks. He was, of course, no jerk at all in the mannerly sense. His manners were as delightful as his appearance--which captured the archetypal look of a soda jerk with bow tie, rolled sleeves, and paper hat. 
His business venture--launched with friends who are cocktail enthusiasts--is called the Cannonborough Beverage Co.  They intend to bottle their sodas and are ramping up the business by serving their delicious concoctions at markets such as (the aptly named) Soda City market on Main Street.  I urge you to imbibe!


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