Tim & Carol....Celebrating 30 Years

A reader thought I might enjoy seeing seeing these photos from his 30th wedding anniversary celebration--and he was correct! I enjoyed them so much that I asked if I might share and graciously, he said yes.
Tim, an artist, designed the entire thing as a surprise for his wife Carol.  I'll let you read the description he sent:
"I hired Veronica Jeffcoat to style the park. This was the park where I asked Carol to marry me...."
 "I designed the words for 30 rocks and had them etched.... "
"Note that they are not all positive words because life isn't full of roses."
Then, for my benefit, he added a final detail: "And yes, I did have to buy the white pants to play the part. : )"  Lovely, don't you think....both the execution of the event....and the gentleman who made it happen.


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