Pattern+Pattern....Soda City Market

Overjoyed to be back in Columbia (Aunt Dahlia would be pleased to know), I ventured out to the Saturday morning market on Main Street.  I was charmed immediately by this woman's combination of patterns....and only hope that my stalking her from booth to booth was not unnerving for her.
A block further, and I happened across a lovely collection of vintage clothing.  Best I could gather through casual eavesdropping, the stylish beauty on the left is the proprietress and the gentleman on the right was interested in purchasing the plaid sport coat.
Also at this tent--which was a bit of an open air fashion museum--I spied this extraordinary coat....
 ....and two charming displays of plaid.
If you care to seek this out on a Saturday, here's the inventive suitcase-sign. The business, I believe, is called Saint & Rambler.


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