S.C. Oktoberfest....Main Street

While there was a decided German theme going on at Soda City Market on Main Street yesterday, I was more taken with the look you see above than with the traditional St. Pauli-Girl-meets-Pippi-Longstocking costumes that were plentiful (and quite adorable, no question about it).

Likewise, I eschewed the traditional bratwurst in favor of these....

....beef empanadas, fried on the premises.  I was so well fortified, in fact, that I recovered my enthusiasm for photographing the local attire and posting it here.  (I do believe that the empanada may be the spinach to my Popeye.)  So, cheerfully, back at it....
...and finding that this young woman did look quite sweet, no? I believe she is the force behind Butterfly Vintage.


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