A Visitor....To Our Fair City

I returned from a two-week adventure (one that began with dropping my keys overboard, continued with a long trek from the waterfront, and only now concluded when a delightful gentleman who calls himself "Hell's Angel" gave this hitchhiker a ride home on his substantial scooter) to...what was I saying...oh yes...to find that my neighbour was hosting a charming out-of-town guest. She was rather bemused by her souvenir t-shirt from Columbia College.

She'd never heard of fighting koalas--nor, dear reader, had I. Who knew koalas were such a contentious lot? "Do you suppose they are fierce?" I ventured, admiring the way she'd made the shirt her own by rolling up the sleeves.

The darling young lady responded, "Oh yes, probably something like this....grrrr."


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