Audrey....Roller Derby

I attended a roller derby match on Saturday evening, where I met many kind people including sweet Audrey, a skater who posed for this photo. Indeed, it was a night for ups, downs, and comic misunderstandings. I, for one, believed I was going to something more along the lines of the Kentucky Derby and while the attire worn for this derby was equally fabulous, I did stand out in my seersucker suit and bow tie. I could not have felt more welcome, however, since these derby fans were wonderfully friendly. Indeed, without their help, I might never have understood the rules.
Audrey is a member of the Columbia QuadSquad, a team that seems to be quite strong, and she goes by the name Beautiful Death. I regret that I did not note the other competitors' names in my jotter, for some were very punny.


Beautiful DEATH said…
Thanks for the compliment of posting me on your blog! I’m totally adding your fun site to my newsfeed. You should see what I’m wearing at our July bout ;-)
Lord Maxwell said…
Dear Beautiful,
Thank you for that comment! I am honoured. As for seeing what you will wear at your July bout, well, I can't imagine anything I'd enjoy more...
Cheers, my dear!

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