Edison....State Street

To be clear, I did not bump into Mr. Edison on the street and ask if I might take a photograph--though I do like his style. (This image comes courtesy of the National Archives.) But I am in Schenectady, NY--home of General Electric--where I will participate in a panel discussion about the style implications of retiring the old-fashioned light bulb (not to mention the secession implications, I understand, for the state of South Carolina). Indeed, when one has an idea in the future, will we place a curly florescent bulb over the thinker's head and wait for it to flicker on? I am waiting for my own light bulb moment as I struggle to formulate my answer--which I must do by morn.
To aid my thinking, I walked--by the restored Proctor's Theatre and straight toward $4 martini night at the local Thai restaurant. On their State Street, I happened by the most colourful shop window, filled with textiles and items from India. No light bulb has yet gone off for me, but I was rather de-lighted by these charming slippers.


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