Frog King Kwok....Installation

Perhaps if you crossed The Lizard Man of Lee County with local event planners Flock and Rally (the duo behind the Free Times Best Of festivities), you might get something like this installation I happened across while visiting Venice.
It was part of the Venice Biennale, and one of its chief features was the option for visitors to dress up in wacky costumes from a selection of items provided by the artist. Perhaps you will find inspiration for the upcoming costume holiday next week.
The entire display was the work of a chap who calls himself Frog King Kwok (though I find myself wanting to call him Hong Kong Phooey).  HRH Kwok has produced thousands of events around the world over the last 30 years.
Here's a photo of his logo, which does bear some resemblance to my favourite character....
...Hello Kitty.


Tracie Broom said…
That's kwok-ing awesome!
Lord Maxwell said…
My dear, I believe you would have enjoyed the experience immensely. Hope to see you soon--

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