Mardi Gras....Rosewood

I've always observed that you can do a lot with a bit of tulle and some inexpensive, shiny beads.  Admittedly, my knowledge of American history is not the best, but isn't that how the United States managed the Louisiana Purchase?  These winsome young ladies, above, make my point by dressing up t-shirt dresses and leggings with tulle and beads for Columbia's Mardi Gras celebration--charming!
I was quite taken by this woman's clever headpiece, fashioned from an old 45.  Behind her, you see photographer Forrest Clonts, whose pictures are far better than mine. I've been enjoying them on Facebook.
Of course, the one person not included in Forrest's photos is Forrest, so I'm posting one here.  He is a handsome young man, no?


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