Whitney....701 Whaley

Dear reader, I confess, when I saw this antennaed woman, I was hoping the leadership on Mars had sent her to Earth to give me hugs.  Not quite--she'd been sent to the All-Local Farmers' Market to sell me tickets to a Valentine's Day event called What's Love--an equally lovely proposition, actually, without the risk of an intergalactic incident.

Many fashion anthroplogists insist on calling Whitney's headgear a deely bobber.  These now-ubiquitous themed headbands have only been in mass distribution since the early 1980s, inspired by the antennae of the Killer Bees from Saturday Night Live. The inventor went with  "deely bobber" and attempted to secure a patent/trademark.  His word came from a friend's use of the term "deelybopper," the friend's  lifelong variation on "thingamajig." In fact, many people (including me) call these thingamobobs deely-boppers, though I prefer "Martian toppers". How about you?


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