Feather Bow Ties....Turkey Day

When I was a lad, my music teacher would reward my practice and playing not with a gold star, but with a turkey feather. He used to promise me that if I'd work hard every week, I'd soon have enough turkey feathers to make something remarkable.  Perhaps the young man behind Brackish Bow Ties also had such a music teacher, for he has made the lovely tie you see above from, yes, turkey feathers. (I hope the chap won't mind me using his photo in order to show you the outcome.)

I was introduced to South Carolinian Ben Ross and his work through a comment on my recent blog post about bow ties, so I give thanks to you, dear Becca, for leading me to this fine find.  I rather fancy myself looking dapper in a Phunky Pheasant, but take a look and see which feather bow tie suits you.


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