Happy Seersucker Day....U.S. Senate


This photo in today's Los Angeles Times inspired me to post, for if the U.S. Senate can manage to agree to bring back Seersucker Day, surely it's time for me to resurrect my will to blog.

I've written about this day before....which in its infinite wisdom, the Senate decided to squash a couple of years ago....lest it make them seem  unproductive.  Indeed. One assumes that they have finally realized that puckered fabric is not the problem.

I found a fun, visual history of seersucker, here, on the Haspel website.  Have a mint julep and enjoy!

And, lest you think that I've ignored my work in order to behave like a member of Congress--watching the telly, eating bonbons and starting pointless debates--let me assure you: My hiatus was owing to a research trip to Peru to study Andean hats.  More on that soon!

Oh, and by the way, the gentleman standing second from right is the incomparable Senate Chaplain Barry Black. He is a marvelous orator I've had the privilege to work alongside. If you ever have the opportunity to hear him speak, do take it.


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