World Cup Fans....Publick House

I hadn't given much thought to how the World Cup might be influencing work wear until I saw this photo on Facebook yesterday.  Then, a pretty young lady invited me join her merry band at The Publick House to watch the U.S. challenge Germany. I decided to pay more careful attention to how fans were attired. Here's a little of what I saw.  The group, above, is utterly charming, no? The fellow in the blazer is wearing a soccer jersey underneath.
I was fascinated by the handsome chap in the center of this group, for he was wearing both a work-worthy shirt and tie AND a sort of I-believe-I-shall-mow-the-lawn red bandana. 
Here's a closer, though blurry shot.  (Drat the low light, but I suppose an advantage for those skipping out of work for long lunches.) Is there significance to the bandana? Or was he adding some red to his white and blue?
I mustn't forget our charming waitress, who was a veritable star as she fetched beverages for our table in her red & white stripes....
....or this fellow, who'd stuffed his pockets with flags, which he told me he'd be reusing on the Fourth of July. 


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