Monday, March 7, 2011

Debbie....701 Whaley

I've noticed this beautiful woman many times, and she is always so well dressed. At last, I've had the chance to make her acquaintance. Debbie told me she's a tree hugger--innocent enough, still, a curious hobby, I thought. Then she explained: she works for the Conservation Voters of South Carolina.

I complimented her on her excellent fashion sense, and she told me something utterly delightful: "Sir, I don't really wear designer clothes." To prove her point, she rattled off the sources of this ensemble: tailored denim trousers from The Limited, Sam Edelman shoes, belt and shrug from Banana Republic. Then, she showed me the secret of her American Apparel shirt; it converts into a dress, which she likes to wear with leopard pumps. I do hope I have the occasion to see that.

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