Heather....Food Truck Mania

Who knew that the promise of smoked meats served from a truck in a parking lot would draw such a crowd? Certainly not I when I set out on my Dutch-style bicycle for a bit of lunch. But indeed, the thing was so well-attended that the food ran out while we were standing on line. Still, we unfed applauded for the chef and the success of his new venture, Bone-In Artisan Barbecue on Wheels. And we had a bit of fun in the queue--I getting the opportunity to photograph this lass who has a wonderful style, both playful and tough, not unlike Hong Kong Phooey. Above, Heather is striking her superhero pose.
And here, something more along the lines of the mild-mannered Diana Prince. I do love those shoes.

And, by the way, this wily chap got the last of the food.


Lorie said…
Lord have Maxwell, I must know where I can find these leprechaun sneaks!
Lord Maxwell said…
Dear Lorie,
I do wish I'd inquired, but alas. Perhaps some other reader will have an answer. I'd also like to know where Heather gets her posture. It's excellent. Can you buy such?

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