Squirrel Collar....All-Local Farmers' Market

Children, don't try this at home! I was heading toward the Sea Eagle seafood tent at the All-Local Farmers' Market on St. Patrick's Day when I stopped in my tracks.  The young man was wearing a t-shirt with a fur collar--and the collar had moved!  I soon realized that he had a young squirrel clinging to his chest, but indeed, I was no less shocked.  When does one see such a thing?  It seems he had rescued the baby when it had fallen from a tree, consulted with a veterinarian, and is planning to release it into the wild shortly.  My goodness.
At home, reviewing photos while reclined in my heavenly bed, I recalled a collar I had photographed earlier, at the What's Love show on Valentine's Day. Indeed, I love the coat and its fur trim but, one muses, the collar in the top photo seems to have the luck of the Irish.


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