Nancy....Tapp's Arts Center

My eyes had not deceived me: yes, this wonderful woman was wearing a necklace made of crayons!  I had to know more.  Nancy explained that this was a portion of an outfit in development for the upcoming Runaway Runway recycled fashion show. She then handed me a card that read: "Collector of Discarded Supplies. Gatherer of Abandoned Art. Stealer of Neglected Creativity." Trying not to attract her notice, I reached into my coat pocket. Whew. My neglected creativity had not been lifted....yet. 

The necklace was a small marvel. Nancy had meticulously drilled holes through each crayon and strung them with beads in between.  I do look forward to seeing the rest of Nancy's ensemble--though, artists, you may want to barricade your studios and put bicycle locks on any neglected creativity until the fashion show has come and gone.


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