I was admiring this red telephone box and thinking about another Oxford when, to my surprise, my darling bud May emerged! Was this some sort of Harry Potter magic in a small Mississippi town (no doubt soon to be a movie coming to a cineplex near you)?  Or dare I hope (as I have hoped before) that bumping into May everywhere I venture is more than a coincidence?

Though I had gone to Oxford, Mississippi, to examine connections between diddley bows and bow ties, I wound up discovering a pair of unusual mannequins.  This one has silver hair and lips pursed for a kiss....
...either that, or pursed by an onset of oromandibular dystonia (in which case I say poor dear).  The other mannequin, by contrast, has a mouth that gapes like an upside down train tunnel.  Fascinating, indeed!
May was much more subtle than these two.  Though I asked , repeatedly, I could get no answer from her about her reasons for being in Oxford.  Mysterious, oh yes.  Very mysterious.  But she did look splendid on a warm March day, in a denim jacket, knit dress and sandals.  Quite perfect, really.


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