Camel Coat....Soda City

I much admired what both these handsome chaps were wearing, but nostalgia requires than I go on a bit about the camel coat.  When I was a wee fellow, I was amused at the notion of a "camel" coat, believing it made from the hump of a camel.  The source of that misinformation was my rascally Uncle Fergus, a man who thrived on spinning up tales and terrifying children. 

Camel, I later learned, was the colour.  Indeed, a rather snooty American lady once told me she'd read in Collier's magazine that camel coloured overcoats were proper to wear in the summer, in the country, and in the South--but that navy overcoats were called for in the city, in autumn, in winter, and in spring.  Seems that we're quite right, then, to wear them here whenever we jolly well please! 


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